How To Dry & Arrange Poppy Pods

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Numerous people buy poppy pods strictly for the purpose of working with dried flowers to create amazing decorative wreaths, floral arrangements or even as centerpieces for tables, stands, and walls in their homes or offices.

Even more people enjoy the crafting aspects of poppy pods they buy. For example, there are those hobbyists that greatly enjoy working with dried poppies, and other various dried plants, to produce elaborate wreaths for all seasons, flower holder arrangements and wonderful centerpieces.

Once you figure out where to buy high quality cheap poppy pods without difficulty, it is easy to pursue your crafting passions towards dried floral arrangements and floral crafts. The poppy pods themselves are unique ovoid seed pods with a flat top and are usually sold with a long or short stem which is included. There are an abundance of online retailers who sell dried poppy pods. When searching to buy online you should look for different ways in which the poppy pods have been dried. If they are dried in bundles while hung upside down the stems usually end up being quite straight. However, when allowed to dry in a vertical upright position the stems can dry in bent of unique ways that create a rather unique aesthetic appeal which helps if you are aiming to make wreaths or non-traditional floral arrangements.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination so don’t limit your creative juices. Dried poppy pods can be used for a multitude of displays for all seasons throughout the year. If you are not fond of the existing color simply add a light coat of air-brushed color which greatly enhances the overall look of this dried plant.

When you are searching where to buy poppy pods you will notice that they come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to medium to even colossus. The dried pods themselves can range in size from 2-4 inches in diameter. When trying to determine where to buy poppy pods look for a grower that offers a good variety of options. Not only do poppies come in a variety of sizes they are also available in an array of various species so a crafter can determine the species, overall size and decorative form when they have poppy pods to buy.

Nearly everyone can purchase cheap poppy pods in manageable amounts for making gifts for family and friends or just for decorating their home or office. If you are looking to buy larger quantities, suppliers are usually more than happy to offer special discounted pricing for large bulk orders. A good tip to save money is to make a large purchase with several others who can chip in. Some sellers even offer free shipping or discounted prices for new buyers such as us!

Once you find out where to buy poppy pods at a reasonable cost, and they are delivered conveniently to your door, there is no limit to what can be done with this unique plant which can be used in countless ways. Dried poppies look amazing in an herb wreath while adding more colourful dried herbs and flowers, like pink pepper berries, marigolds, and marjoram. The smaller dried pods can make a more manageable sized wreath when partnered with fancier plant species such as lavender and baby’s breath. Add twisty poppy stems for more dramatic arrangements with oriental paper bush and large blooms that are balanced by being interlaced with the twisty poppy pod stems. You can also try using the large dried ovoid poppy pods as accents for various floral arrangements. Gently coating them with different colours and adding contrasting items such as animal characters or carved out shapes can make a new arrangement totally unique or freshen up an older arrangement to give it the appearance of being new.

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