Poppy Seed Food?

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The seeds of the poppy plant can be found in and on a variety of different food items such as bagels, muffins and cakes. The poppy seeds can be pressed to create a poppyseed oil, which is very useful in cooking or as a carrier for oil-based paints.

You can make anything from a poppy seed cake to poppy seed bread and even poppy seed chicken...the poppy seed recipe list is endless!

Even though the amount of opiates in poppy seeds is not enough to create a narcotic effect in cooking or consumption, an individual could technically still test positive for narcotics after consuming just 4 poppy seed bagels.

Poppy Seeds Dessert

In Turkey, Iran, India and many other countries worldwide the opium poppy is considered a greatly nutritious food item which is mostly added into dough for baking bread or desserts.
In the country of Lithuania a traditional meal is prepared for their "Christmas Eve" dinner from the poppy seeds. They are ground down and mixed along with water and then the round yeast biscuits are soaked in the resulting poppy seed 'milk' and served cold.

Poppy Seeds Bread

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